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Hear, Hear
Published 3pm on 07/01/06 by Shawn | Discuss this article

What is this all about? Hear, Hear is an online publication for small business owners, freelancers, and other like-minded people. We publish new findings on the web (articles, tools, how-tos), we interview interesting people and businesses, and compile useful references for our readers to help them succeed in running their own businesses.

When? Early summer of 2006 – till all the glaciers melt. The idea behind Hear, Hear was conceived in the Spring of 2006, and what you see before you is just the beginning. Going forward, fresh links relevant to the small business world are provided daily, and we’ll try to publish new features about every other week (good things take time, and we’re limited in staff). Our interviews are extensive, interesting and packed with useful information; and our features will be authored by those who are tried and true business survivors, offering wisdom in their own way.

Where is this thing from? Here – And we’re based in expensive New York City.

Who is behind all this? Yours truly, Iridesco, Inc. A small business building products and offering design & technology consulting services.

Why does Hear, Hear exist? Because ever since we started our business (Iridesco) in 2003, we wanted a good and honest publication where we can find stories about other businesses, useful tips and how-to’s, and new tools that might help our studio. We believe that like us, there’s a lot of you out there, you with a new, fantastic idea, incredible skills, or a passion for something that you would like to make a living from, who would love to read a magazine like Hear, Hear.

BONUS - What else? Hear, Hear will publish a variety of things. But there are two words we stress at this publication – morality and creativity. We believe in running a good business but keeping the morals in check (instead of just blind pursuit of profit); and we believe all of us small people without a large budgeting muscle must use our creativity to survive and thrive. And we like humor.

Hear, Hear is about sharing knowledge and giving voice to small businesses and the like-minded. We interview the people you don’t hear about, people who don’t have the big flashy names and connections, who are working to make their ideas more than just a vision. Hear, Hear will seek out those people – the business owners, the freelances, and other interesting men and women — and tell their stories.

We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. We will review all submissions fairly, and try to write reviews as objectively as possible. No rips, no negativity on Hear, Hear We will try to offer constructive criticism when reviewing, and we will only publish products that are accessible to the public.

Hear, Hear is for our readers, the small business owners, the busy multi-talented individuals, the entrepreneur. Time is precious, get all the info you need now.

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